Are you relocating, downsizing, preparing your house for sale, or just looking to reclaim valuable space in your home or apartment? Twin Peeks Storage can support all of your personal and professional storage needs, large or small, so you can free up valuable garage, home or office space by storing seasonal items, furniture, files, sports equipment, and much more.




SizePrice per month + HST

7ft X 8ft



SizePrice per month + HST

10ft X 8ft



SizePrice per month + HST

20ft X 8ft


53ft x 8ft

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An invoice will be sent  monthly via email. If requested, a hard copy of the invoice will be mailed. Payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice.  A Late Payment Fee of 2% per month will be charged to arrears after 30 days.

We accept Cash, Cheques, e-Transfer, VISA and MasterCard. Please make cheques payable to G. Dugas Welding Inc. If using e-Tansfer, email to



With respect for our military personnel and for their commitment and service to our country, we offer an annual 1-month discount for persons currently serving in or retired from the military. Military identification or a CFOne card must be presented in order to receive this discount.


As a reward for current customers, they will receive a 1-month discount for referring a new customer. The new customer will also receive a 1-month discount that year. The discount will be applied upon signing of the new customer’s contract.

Self-Storage Restrictions

The self-storage customer cannot sublet the unit without the prior written consent of the owner.

The customer cannot store the following items;

  • Perishable items such as food or drink,
  • Anything living such as plants and animals,
  • Explosive, flammable, corrosive or odorous items such as fuel, paint and tires.